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Lemonade, wind-breaks and a Passion Play – the triumph of officiousness over common sense

Tired of Brexit, I come back to that staple subject, the dim and officious council employee and other “small-minded officials with powers disproportionate to their intelligence” as I put it in an article of 2010. The lemonade girl of Tower … Continue reading

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You are ’16 going on ’17 and tomorrow belongs to….well, we have control now, whiners

Two songs from film musicals seemed appropriate as 2016 ticked over to 2017. In The Sound of Music, a cropped-haired young Nazi explains to a naive young girl about ’16 going on ’17. Timid and shy and scared are you … Continue reading

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Two of the UK’s most hated companies in quick succession at Heathrow

We felt quite cheery as we set off for New York via Heathrow. Then we came across two of the UK’s most disliked companies in quick succession.  Encounters with WH Smith and G4S show how public distaste for a business starts with … Continue reading

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The tripod police at Oxford station

I referred in a recent article to the risk of being taken for a terrorist whilst taking photographs in London. Mary Ann was due back from Cornwall on a very late train, and I thought it might be interesting to … Continue reading

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Au barricades as the French beat off the men who saved them on D-Day

One does long to love the French as much as one loves their food and their countryside, but they don’t make it easy. The Telegraph reports that French bureaucrats (and it is no coincidence that the very word comes from … Continue reading

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Hideous new buildings rising at the south end of Port Meadow Oxford

One hardly needs to prove that the pen-pushing creatures who scuttle behind the skirting-boards at Oxford City Council’s Planning Department are not fit and proper people to look after Oxford, but in case you are in doubt, see this photograph … Continue reading

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Tanner talks rubbish again in Oxford

Gordon Brown’s big Labour conference speech was described simultaneously (and by the same people) as absolutely awful and the best he has ever made. A group of viewers were given devices which allowed them to record their reactions to the … Continue reading

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