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My photographs of North Devon railways and stations in the 1960s

I inherited from my father his interest in abandoned railway lines and in maps. I learnt to use Ordnance Survey maps from trips we did together to trace closed routes in North Devon, looking for remnants of stations, bridges, and … Continue reading

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Writing up the 2017 New York trip as we set off for 2018’s

I use long flights to clear out unused drafts, duplicates and the other detritus which gathers in Evernote’s copious corners. Flying to Legaltech New York 2018, I found the article I wrote after last year’s show. It might serve as the warm-up … Continue reading

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Oxford to St Agnes by train, plane, boat and golf buggy

We are on St Agnes, the westernmost inhabited rock of the Isles of Scilly. Years ago, I worked for a while in Uzbekistan (don’t ask) and once got to my flat in Tashkent in less time than it took my family to reach St … Continue reading

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Rare RAF plane seen across a frozen Port Meadow

Shall I take the big camera on this quick evening walk? Nah – I must have hundreds of  pictures of sunsets across Port Meadow. So it was that I had only an old iPhone on me when this scene appeared before me:

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We shall fight them on the cliff-edge. We shall fight them in the speeches. We shall never surrender our delusions

Part of the point of this fortnightly (or so) summary is to capture the follies of those who rule over us or who would like to do so. The tales of idiocy come so thick and fast that half of what I … Continue reading

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Court closures and their parallel with Beeching and the railways

The random wanderings of an iPad playlist gave me Slow Train by Flanders and Swann one morning recently. “Slow Train” was written in July 1963, shortly after the publication of Dr Beeching’s first report The Reshaping of British Railways in March of … Continue reading

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Contrasting cruises on the Camel

  Neither of the boat trips shown here can properly be described as a cruise. The word does, however, have an alliterative value for the purposes of my title. The first boat is one of those noisy vulgar things, as … Continue reading

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