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Few complaints about Oxfordshire road chippings – yet

It seems that few people have complained about the piles of loose chippings with which Oxfordshire County Council’s Highways Department have resurfaced many of the roads in Oxford and the county. That is what a council spokesman says, anyway, according … Continue reading

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Lifeboats, lost cats and Wellington boots

The tail end of Summer has seen a spate of stories about minor officials with an acute grasp of the regulations and no brain. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency would rather see a girl drown in compliance with the rules … Continue reading

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BSI urges new trough for tree inspectors

One of the most despised features of the Blair-Brown years is the number of busybodies who get their noses into the trough by inciting new inspection regimes in areas which pose no significant risk. The latest is trees which, the … Continue reading

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elf’n safety kills another grand national tradition

Another one of those nice little English traditions was killed off today at Aintree. The Grand National winner is usually led into the winner’s enclosure by mounted policemen in plumed hats (see photograph). This, we now learn, is incredibly dangerous, … Continue reading

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Thinking expensively for us at Tackley Halt

There is a disappointing leader in the Oxford Times this week, with the Editor apparently subscribing to the widely-held idea that “they” must do our thinking for us. It is the job of sensible newspaper editors to try and stem … Continue reading

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Westgate Plods duff up Green woman

You may like to watch the video of Oxford’s finest trying to arrest Oxford councillor Deborah Glass Woodin as she protested about the felling of trees at the Westgate Centre. The Greens and the police are the front-line troops in … Continue reading

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Banning tea, ladders and school outings

Three recent stories show us not only where the world is going but where our money is going. An art student writes to the Times to say that he had gone into college to find that he was booked in … Continue reading

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