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Port Meadow horses, a balloon and a microlight on an evening walk

Few of the horses and ponies on Oxford’s Port Meadow would win prizes in an equine beauty parade. Some of them, however, have character. This one caught my eye on this evening’s walk: Advertisements

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Going out to Port Meadow and back in the evening

It was still quite light when we went out to Port Meadow at 5:25 on 13 March: By 6.25 it was nearly dark: Home

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London panoramas from multiple photographs

One of Photoshop’s features gives you the ability to stitch multiple pictures together to make a single picture (yes I know several other apps do this, but the point about Photoshop is that your raw material can be just that … Continue reading

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In some places it is not a bad thing if the camera lies

I went back to Felixstowe a few weeks ago. It is easy enough to take good pictures of a pretty place on a sunny day, but Felixstowe is as dull a place as ever spoiled a coastline. I came away thinking I … Continue reading

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Writing to please myself: discoveries of things I was not in quest of

Is there any point in an amateur writing yet more words about the First World War? What photographs can one take of cemeteries or former battlefields which have not been taken 1,000 times before by everyone from top-flight professionals to … Continue reading

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Photo and video palace of wonders in New York

When you are a child, if you are lucky, you are taken into a toy shop and you can gaze in wonder at all the wonderful things on display. You can touch them, compare them with others, look at the … Continue reading

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The tripod police at Oxford station

I referred in a recent article to the risk of being taken for a terrorist whilst taking photographs in London. Mary Ann was due back from Cornwall on a very late train, and I thought it might be interesting to … Continue reading

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