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Grenfell Tower – horror and grief become the source of political point scoring

A horrific fire rages in a tower block killing an as-yet uncounted number of people. Firefighters do what they always do, running towards danger in the same way as the police run towards unmeasurable threats that the rest of us … Continue reading

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Theresa May pays £1bn to go to bed with the DUP

Theresa May, weakened by a doubly-botched election (botched once in that she did not need to call it and botched twice because the campaign was a text-book disaster) felt compelled to call on the Democratic Unionist Party for support. The … Continue reading

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Principles and patriotism – a Brexit year from Johnson to Leadsom

On a large television screen are two men, obvious shysters by the look of them. One is large, the other small, and they have just discovered that their latest scam has worked a treat and that a lot of people … Continue reading

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You are ’16 going on ’17 and tomorrow belongs to….well, we have control now, whiners

Two songs from film musicals seemed appropriate as 2016 ticked over to 2017. In The Sound of Music, a cropped-haired young Nazi explains to a naive young girl about ’16 going on ’17. Timid and shy and scared are you … Continue reading

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Brown wipe-clean trousers in the hand-cart to Hell

How do you follow a week in which the chief event of note was a Minister of the Crown planning to tackle drones by setting dogs on them? That was my opening shot in last week’s post; this week’s collection … Continue reading

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