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Trainasaurus Wrecks – Chris Grayling ruins the railways

I got the (rather good) title for this piece from a tweet by Adam Creme @Adam_Creme. Its original was a photograph by Professor Dominic Regan @Dominic_Regan of a fine Tyrannosaurus Rex which appeared at Kings Cross Station, which Dominic captioned with “Grayling … Continue reading

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Chris Grayling knows where the bodies are buried

No no, this is not what you think. You think this is about that tweet last week which surmised that Chris Grayling had only kept his position in Cabinet because he knew too much to be sacked. Well it’s not. … Continue reading

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We shall fight them on the cliff-edge. We shall fight them in the speeches. We shall never surrender our delusions

Part of the point of this fortnightly (or so) summary is to capture the follies of those who rule over us or who would like to do so. The tales of idiocy come so thick and fast that half of what I … Continue reading

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We’ll try to stay serene and calm, like a rat reaching the bottom of an escalator

50 years ago, Tom Lehrer said we would “try and stay serene and calm” in the face of apocalypse. Outwardly at least, Mrs May seems to be doing just that, and Liz Truss remains quiescent, in a ketamine kind of way, as our … Continue reading

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A litany of stupid in politics – Truss, May, IDS and Grayling all in one week

Liz Truss, Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling and, not least, Theresa May, have all contributed this week to the general sense that no-one is actually in control and that the Ship of State is drifting in the hands of people … Continue reading

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Chris Grayling goes to prison

The Justice Minister Chris Grayling is not a popular chap amongst lawyers. One of Twitter’s legal elder statesmen (I refer to his gravitas and good sense rather than his age) observed last week that we should not direct our fire … Continue reading

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