The page About Oxford Inciter sets out the history of the various blogs which are merged here.

This blog is a place to put anything of interest which comes my way: long, thoughtful things; snippets about things which pass by on Twitter, in the press or in real life; music, pictures or whatever which I see and like (or don’t like).

Oxford, the original subject of the blog, will continue to feature as the “officers” of Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council blunder stupidly about, screwing up planning and transport and everything else they touch. Other pen-pushers, paper-shufflers and those other creatures which scuttle behind the skirting-boards of government and its quangos will doubtless appear.

So will those commercial enterprises who can’t properly be called crooks because they have not been charged or convicted but whose businesses are effectively founded on providing less than they contract to provide, or who abuse monopoly or quasi-cartel positions: train operating companies, energy suppliers, mobile phone providers, theatre ticket agencies, insurers, airport car parks have all been in the news in the last few days and not in a good way (it is 17 January 2016 as I write); all make their profits by means which are either dishonest when their advertising is measured against their performance, or abusive in the sense that one has to go with one of them on terms which they dictate and which are weighted against the consumer.

As I restart this in 2016, the politics in here is something of a time-warp because most of it dates back to Labour’s long rule. Tony Blair lying; Gordon Brown being unpleasant, wasteful or dishonest; Caroline Flint being thick. The balance will shift as time goes by.

There are lots of good things in life as well. I take a lot of photographs and some will appear here.

I will remove, correct or modify facts which are shown to be wrong. Your mere assertion that I am mistaken may need backing with proof of what you say. I won’t ride every passing hobby-horse, but may (briefly) debate conclusions or differences of opinion down to the point where it becomes clear that we will never agree or until I become bored or too busy.



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