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Government misses all primary school targets

“Four out of ten pupils could not read, write and add up properly by the time they left primary school this summer, the Government said yesterday. Lord Adonis, the Schools Minister, hailed the test results as the best ever” The … Continue reading

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Ringing Tone

When both my phones ring at once, it is usually an auto-dialler. I answer one of them and a man with poor English asks for me by name, in an accent hailing, at a guess from somewhere between the Himalayas … Continue reading

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David Cameron Lit out without comment

If David Cameron really wants to show that he and the Conservative Party intend to bring honesty back into politics, he could start by giving direct answers to direct questions. I avoid politicians on television as a rule. Blair made … Continue reading

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Losing liberties to dim minions

I am not sure if Tony Blair was naive or self-serving in saying “I told you so” in this week’s Sunday Times. It seems unbelievable that he still cannot see why Parliament, reflecting a widespread view, denied him the powers … Continue reading

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