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Putting petty officials back in their box

A Bristol family’s picnic was ruined when over-zealous council officials (or “dim jobsworths” as they are known) made them take down their wind-break on Clifton Downs.  We have to turn this tide somehow and put petty officials back in the … Continue reading

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Lifeboats, lost cats and Wellington boots

The tail end of Summer has seen a spate of stories about minor officials with an acute grasp of the regulations and no brain. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency would rather see a girl drown in compliance with the rules … Continue reading

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The spirit of the smoking ban

I don’t take the The Sun, so I missed its story of 14 July about the smoking snoopers of Maidenhead. I came across it in an American web site which charts world-wide excesses of power. The story Mad council stokes … Continue reading

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Dim Scum fights Fat Buddha in Durham

Tracey Ingle, Head of Cultural Services at Durham City Council, has demanded that restaurateur Eddie Fung rename his new restaurant because she objects to the name – Fat Buddha. There is only one possible answer to such ignorant interference, but … Continue reading

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