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Brown wipe-clean trousers in the hand-cart to Hell

How do you follow a week in which the chief event of note was a Minister of the Crown planning to tackle drones by setting dogs on them? That was my opening shot in last week’s post; this week’s collection … Continue reading

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Driving the police up the wall at Fortnums

I am late catching up with last week’s Sunday Times and its description of the scene at Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly during the recent disturbances: Thirty police in riot gear went into the store to drag out protesters but … Continue reading

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Pigs might fly – chasing twigs in a helicopter

An Oxford Mail story Police scramble helicopter over “stolen” twigs has been picked up by the BBC. Put briefly, a family collected some fallen twigs whilst walking in woodland, and a “heated confrontation” took place when a warden told them … Continue reading

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Big Society undermined by thick policemen and CPS prosecutors

The story of the Manchester policeman who ignored a gang of street vandals but arrested their victim raises all sorts of issues. Police who neglect their duty, and misuse arbitrary power are bad enough. What of the prosecutors, who hauled … Continue reading

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Putting petty officials back in their box

A Bristol family’s picnic was ruined when over-zealous council officials (or “dim jobsworths” as they are known) made them take down their wind-break on Clifton Downs.  We have to turn this tide somehow and put petty officials back in the … Continue reading

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Three traffic wardens for one car

I watched a pack of traffic wardens surround a car in Market Street, Oxford this afternoon. I guess only one gets the bonus and perhaps they had all raced to get there, the fastest getting to do the job while … Continue reading

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Leaving the dealers to deal in peace

In a previous post, A different view of graftti, I took issue with Martin Jennings’ appreciation of the grafitti on Aristotle Lane railway bridge. I found no beauty in it and saw it as both a complement to the more … Continue reading

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