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Turrets and chimneys – a visit to Tyntesfield

Staying in Bristol recently, we went to Tyntesfield, a Gothic Revival house remodelled in the 1860s and 1870s by the Gibbs family. The Wikipedia page about it is reasonably informative. It is now owned by the National Trust, whose page about … Continue reading

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My photographs of North Devon railways and stations in the 1960s

I inherited from my father his interest in abandoned railway lines and in maps. I learnt to use Ordnance Survey maps from trips we did together to trace closed routes in North Devon, looking for remnants of stations, bridges, and … Continue reading

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Oxford to St Agnes by train, plane, boat and golf buggy

We are on St Agnes, the westernmost inhabited rock of the Isles of Scilly. Years ago, I worked for a while in Uzbekistan (don’t ask) and once got to my flat in Tashkent in less time than it took my family to reach St … Continue reading

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In some places it is not a bad thing if the camera lies

I went back to Felixstowe a few weeks ago. It is easy enough to take good pictures of a pretty place on a sunny day, but Felixstowe is as dull a place as ever spoiled a coastline. I came away thinking I … Continue reading

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Photographs of the year 2014 – text-free version

These photographs are a selection of those which best remind me of the year 2014. They are set out individually on a post called Photographic review of the year 2014, with an explanation for each. This is a text-free display. … Continue reading

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Photographic review of the year 2014

My main attribute as a photographer is the good fortune to go to a lot of interesting places during a year. Sure, it helps that work requires me to have a half-decent camera and the editing software to go with … Continue reading

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And an old dog is generally in their company

My title comes from the closing chapter of Dombey & Son. Dickens realised after sending the manuscript to his proof-reader that he had left a loose end, and he wrote to him: “I suddenly remember that I have forgotten Diogenes.  Will you … Continue reading

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