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Oxfordshire’s Highways Officers go off to luxury hotel at your expense

It is possible that your view of the officers of Oxfordshire Highways differs from mine. You may think of them as intelligent, cultured people, selflessly dedicated to bringing you public services of the highest quality, and acutely conscious of the … Continue reading

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Oxfordshire Highways fills in a hole in the road at Headington

The highways people are still frigging around at Headington, I see, polishing the roads, gold-plating the pavements and filling the junction with the poles, posts, bollards, signs, islands and the other clutter which they so love. It is hard to … Continue reading

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Trusting the motorist to think in Oxford

An article by Charles Clover in the Sunday Times on 1 August was headed Putting hazards back on the road improves traffic. Its theme was the encouraging trend, at least by some highways authorities, towards removing the traffic lights, railings … Continue reading

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Few complaints about Oxfordshire road chippings – yet

It seems that few people have complained about the piles of loose chippings with which Oxfordshire County Council’s Highways Department have resurfaced many of the roads in Oxford and the county. That is what a council spokesman says, anyway, according … Continue reading

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Three traffic wardens for one car

I watched a pack of traffic wardens surround a car in Market Street, Oxford this afternoon. I guess only one gets the bonus and perhaps they had all raced to get there, the fastest getting to do the job while … Continue reading

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A different view of grafitti

I was about to publish one of my periodic comments on the prevalence of graffiti in my part of North Oxford and at the failure by both Oxford City Council and the police to do anything either to prevent it … Continue reading

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Keeping up the road works in Oxford

An article on my Oxford Agenda site called Speed cameras and statistical ignorance had as its twin targets the use of false statistics to justify restrictions on the roads, and the fact that highways officers are good examples of high-spending … Continue reading

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