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Brown the waster tells us not to waste

Hypocrisy is New Labour’s prime characteristic, and Gordon “Heathcliff” Brown’s injunction to us all not to waste anything is a fine example of Labour – and specifically Brownite – hypocrisy We are, apparently, throwing away £1bn of food each year. … Continue reading

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Having it off on the NHS

Part of the fall-out from Lord Mancroft’s accusation that nurses are grubby and promiscuous is a survey reported in the Sunday Times which claims that one in ten of them consider it acceptable to start a relationship with a patient … Continue reading

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A hit-squad of old nurses

Libby Purves, writing in the Times on Tuesday (Send in the storm-trooper nurses) suggests that dirty hospitals be visited by “a volunteer regiment of ex-nurses trained before 1975: opinionated middle-aged women with strong memories and no fear of offending. Every … Continue reading

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Shortening the waiting lists

There is an odd little story in the Times Business News today. Consultants hired by BAA to measure the waiting time for check-in were giving people timed slips of  paper. The idea was that they would collect them at the … Continue reading

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If Nicola Horlick ran the NHS and other fantasies

I did not hear Desert Island Discs on Sunday, but the guest was Nicola Horlick who was apparently asked if she would like to get involved with the NHS in a professional capacity. She was, I think, merely responding to … Continue reading

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Caroline Flint – new Gauleiter for Yorkshire

Caroline Flint, the humourless harridan-cum-bimbo, Blair groupie and former Health Minister, has been appointed Gauleiter for Yorkshire and Humber. The formal title is Minister of State and Minister for Yorkshire and the Humber, but I bet she is getting herself … Continue reading

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Up yours, Ms Flint

Oh Lord. Did you think I meant something vulgar? Not a bit of it. Vulgar comment about Caroline Flint would be like, well, shagging Mary Poppins’ aunt. Unseemly. None of that here, not in this post anyway. No, I meant … Continue reading

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