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Gotten in the Times and taking the stand

A few days ago, to my horror, I came across the use of the word “gotten” in an article in the Times. I meant to write and complain but ran out of time; fortunately, others did, apparently sending a stream … Continue reading

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Tom Stoppard’s message to Gordon Brown

I went to hear Sir Tom Stoppard speak this morning at the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival. I usually come away from such a session with my notes in my head, confident that I can do a reasonable prĂ©cis from … Continue reading

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Alienation in my own land

The state of the nation was neatly summed up between trains at Reading station one day last week. For the second time that week I had bounded out of a west-bound train and dashed across to Platform 8 in time … Continue reading

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Contagious yawning acceptable after all

I thought I had caught The Times out this morning. “Yawners aren’t bored, they’re just empathising” was the headline and it came on the page after a photograph of Boris Johnson apparently empathising away like mad on a bus (he … Continue reading

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