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The influence of Richard III and Dave Allen on the Archers

An unpleasant man hands a woman a sharp instrument and winds up on the receiving end of it. A 1970s television sketch based on Shakespeare’s Richard III was there long before Helen Titchener stabbed Rob I gave up listening to the … Continue reading

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Well how much is porn on the Internet, Jacqui?

Everyone is a bit puzzled as to why former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith chose to tell us about her ignorance of the porn industry. One would have thought that she would try and avoid headlines which included her name and … Continue reading

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Now where is the News from the BBC?

I don’t know what was more infuriating about this evening’s BBC News, the presentation or the stories themselves. It kicked off with a long exposĂ© about Bulgarian baby-selling, complete with film from hidden cameras, dramatic-sounding appointments late at night, and … Continue reading

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