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Trainasaurus Wrecks – Chris Grayling ruins the railways

I got the (rather good) title for this piece from a tweet by Adam Creme @Adam_Creme. Its original was a photograph by Professor Dominic Regan @Dominic_Regan of a fine Tyrannosaurus Rex which appeared at Kings Cross Station, which Dominic captioned with “Grayling … Continue reading

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Putting petty officials back in their box

A Bristol family’s picnic was ruined when over-zealous council officials (or “dim jobsworths” as they are known) made them take down their wind-break on Clifton Downs.  We have to turn this tide somehow and put petty officials back in the … Continue reading

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Speed cameras and statistical ignorance

A new study shows that government claims about lives saved by speed cameras are overstated. This is ammunition against the free-spending little people who run our local authority highways departments. As recession closes in, councillors and others who have been … Continue reading

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Welsh van man fag trap

A self-employed van driver in Wales has been fined for smoking in his own van. What is it about the local authority mindset, why is it even worse in Wales, and do the local police have nothing better to do? … Continue reading

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Brown the waster tells us not to waste

Hypocrisy is New Labour’s prime characteristic, and Gordon “Heathcliff” Brown’s injunction to us all not to waste anything is a fine example of Labour – and specifically Brownite – hypocrisy We are, apparently, throwing away £1bn of food each year. … Continue reading

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Law enforcers gang up on Cornish shop-keeper

A shop-keeper who fought back against shop-lifters who attacked him has been fined £250 and given a criminal record by Truro magistrates. The thieves were given fixed penalty tickets – equivalent to a parking ticket. This obviously says something about … Continue reading

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Smoking Snoopers

Three apparently unconnected stories caught my eye in a single week recently. The Government has handed £29.5 million to local authorities to hire and train staff to catch people who smoke in pubs and other public places once the smoking … Continue reading

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