2016 – my year in thirteen photographs

2,261 photographs survived my primary cull of the 2016 collection. As always, some months yield dozens of good opportunities while other months are relatively barren, so the twelve pictures which best illustrate the year one month at a time are not necessarily the best twelve pictures taken during it. Some of the entries below have links to the sets from which the chosen picture was taken.



The most-used tag in my photograph collection is “Port Meadow”, the large expanse of grass and water which lies a few minutes from home. I was not there much in 2016 – Network Rail closed off our footbridge for most of the year and the old dog died in February after 14 years of being my excuse for a daily walk there. This shot is of Medley, on the Thames, in a winter dusk.



My son Will and I were in Hong Kong in February. On a grey day, we took a boat to Lamma Island, which the most charitable would describe as “dull”. The boat trip, however, yielded a constant procession of busy and brightly-coloured boats of all sizes. An enormous container ship rounds the north-eastern corner of Lamma, framed by a tug and its barge in the foreground. There are more pictures from this trip here.



March took us to a basement bar in Denmark Street in London where our eldest son Charlie and his band Lejon had a gig (one of several during the year). There are more from this series of photographs here.



You don’t have to cross the world to find city scenes of interest, nor is it just the principal streets which look attractive. Here, a storm is gathering in the background while evening light catches the houses of Hayfield Road, near us in Oxford.



A winding road route to a meeting took us past Hinton Ampner in Hampshire. Both house and garden have a pleasantly faded air. This was my favourite picture out of many – more here.



June took us to both Berlin and Amsterdam, as well as giving us an evening on a roof terrace overlooking the Thames on the longest day of the year. Of the dozens of photographs taken in that month, however, I choose this one of planes coming into land at Heathrow, taken through the car window at one of those places which you cannot reach on foot. There is a set of variants here.



Our resident robin, known for obvious reasons as Fat Robs, was a constant visitor throughout the year, drawn by the mealworms which my wife gives him. Seen here in the summer, he is outside looking damp but expectant as I write this at the end of December.



Again, my favourite photograph for this month was not taken at some far-flung beauty spot but through the car windscreen as we drove westward into the sunset on the M40 escarpment.



Obvious contenders to illustrate September include the landmarks of Washington. My favourite photograph of the month, however, comes from closer to home – evening light falling on the columns supporting the roof at Marylebone station.



October included an architectural boat trip in Chicago on a beautiful afternoon. I generally shun guided tours, but this one gave us stunning views at every turn, including the bonus of buildings reflected in buildings. More pictures here.



In November, a Brussels conference gave us an excuse to go the Western Front including Ypres and the Salient and part of the Somme. Of my hundreds of pictures of that short trip, I choose this one of little Thistle Dump Cemetery near Longueval. There are some more from this trip here.



Again, I am spoilt for choice in December, torn between Cobh in southern Ireland and a winter sunset on Port Meadow. I will compromise by cheating. Above is the Cathedral Church of St Colman, usually known as Cobh Cathedral, viewed from behind a Belisha beacon (a post-independence British invention, dating from 1934, used also in Hong and Malta). There are more Cobh pictures here.

Below, a tern floats above a group of winter walkers on Port Meadow.




About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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